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The Go-Give Project is considering creating a welcoming space for the homeless in Sudbury

The Go-Give Project is considering creating a welcoming space for the homeless in Sudbury

The nonprofit, set up last fall, distributes food, water and safe injection equipment and connects people suffering from homelessness with local resources.

This solo and mobile project quickly gained momentum. Volunteers now work on the streets seven days a week.

Project manager Evi Ali believes she has learned a lot about the needs of the local community over the past few months.

People experiencing homelessness face a plethora of barriers. But I think the most surprising thing is that they do not have access to clean drinking water

Quote from:Evie Ali, Directrice de Go-Give Project

You wouldn’t think this was a hard thing to find. But when you’re on the street and you know the shelters are full or the resources are busy elsewhere, it’s hard for them to find drinks and things like that.Evie Ali explains.

Ms Ali notes that the group has been offered a place by a local partner, but the organization is still awaiting a formal agreement.

Go-Give Project He asked community members for their ideas on how best to use this space.

Someone told us of a space in which they could receive mail. It is another major obstacle for the homelessEvie Ali says.

It often prevents them from receiving things like health care, identity papers, or financial aid. This is a challenge that came to our attention from a member of the community.

The group will also look further into this topic, according to Ms. Ali.

It hopes that a physical reception space will provide another option for vulnerable people, when other services in the city are saturated.

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