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The Galaxy S22 should soon welcome the beta version of One UI 5 based on Android 13

The Galaxy S22 should soon welcome the beta version of One UI 5 based on Android 13

The first beta version of One UI 5 for the Galaxy S22 has been spotted in South Korea. Therefore, Galaxy smartphones could get Android 13 earlier than expected this year.

Source: Anthony Winner – Frandroid

Samsung It has never done so well in updates. The Korean company has now committed to offering 4 years of software support on its smartphones, and now before what The Google in pixels. But that effort was also evident in the timing of the rollout of its updates.

An advanced beta program in July?

People are waiting to try the next version from Android 13 So they should be reassured if they own a Galaxy smartphone, as it appears that Samsung is currently working on a beta version of One UI 5.

Hints that an early public beta is on the way to Galaxy S22 Come to us from South Korea as we learn SamMobile By first name: S906NKSU2ZVF6. It will currently work on the Korean Galaxy S22s, but should be introduced later in other markets.

Samsung beta android 13 one UI 5
Source: TizenHelp

Nothing has yet been formalized by Samsung at the moment, but rumors have been reported Android 13 beta program kicks off for Julyso we should know what’s going on very quickly.

Samsung is always more efficient with updates

For comparison, the beta version of 4 . Single User Interface It was launched last year in September, which will show that Samsung continues its efforts to improve its schedule and deliver updates to its users faster than ever.

The company has not joined Google’s beta program for Android 13, and therefore prefers to go it alone. Android 13 is currently in its third beta phase at Google and the company still has to provide a final one before the stable version is released.

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Samsung anyway seems to be doing pretty well in terms of software support, having gone from a real weakness to one of its great new assets in a few years. The Korean giant is slowly chasing Google’s land, and people who thought they were better off in this aspect with an Android smartphone may have to reconsider now.

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