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The Gabon case is part of Emmanuel Macron’s tour of Central Africa

With our special correspondent in Libreville, Paulina Zaidi

It has been 13 years since a French president visited Gabon. was the last Nicholas Sarkozyin February 2010. Meanwhile, the contested re-election of the president Ali Bongo and the 2016 election crisis She went through this and strained relations between the two countries. Then came the health crisis, and the quarrel continued before the start of the convergence of 2021.

This trip by Emmanuel Macron, according to a source close to the Elysee, has become necessary. It had been in the works for several months already, and in the summer of 2022 had the idea to pair it up with One forest peak It was envisaged to focus on protecting the forest.

This official visit, however, comes in the middle of an election year in Gabon, with a Presidential elections next summer. A calendar that made civil society and the opposition jump. ” He came to launch his friend’s campaign estimated ecologist Mark Una.

Indeed, this is not the best time “, admits the French diplomat. But the latter insists: the purpose of this visit is to talk about the environment and biodiversity. ” Evidence that the relationship between the two countries has changed is that we are working on a new topic that matches the times he adds.

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