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The future of Samuel Gerrard in Colorado may not be secure

The future of Samuel Gerrard in Colorado may not be secure

In theory, Samuel Gerrard doesn’t have to fear for his job. The 23-year-old Colorado Avalanche defender is an excellent player on a contract for the next six seasons at $5 million per year.

On paper, this should be enough. But in fact, some questions arise.

You know I also do that when the second-round series team loses when they were among the favorites to win the Cup, questions are raised and questions are asked. It is in this sense that Some columnists in the Denver Post The question arose as to whether his status was secure in the future.

their conclusion? According to them, it’s not necessarily, no, it shouldn’t be.

According to them, seeing Gerrard getting his wool from his back eaten by the Golden Knights in the second round is not a good sign for the future. The Vegas big club has taken over Quebec, whose small stature worries. And since Cal Makar is already serving as a junior defenseman in Denver, do they need two?

Matthias Brunet also touched on the subject in his own way In a text I recommend to you.

Speaking of Makar, his contract renewal will take up space on the club’s salary envelope, which could force the avalanche to clean up.

So Makar seems to be blocking Gerrard on several levels.

Some columnists are more balanced and want to teach Gerrard to play against the big clubs to avoid being a snowboarder during the duels against the big clubs in the West.

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And for me, this is a more realistic solution.

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