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The fishing party turns into a buffet for all the sharks

Fishermen had the right to enjoy a wonderful spectacle after encountering sharks in the midst of a feeding frenzy, off the coast of Venice, Louisiana.

See the photos in the video, at the top of the article.

This impressive scene can be seen in the photos shared on ‘Storyful’. One fisherman, Dillon May, explained that he and his girlfriend Caitlin Dix thought it was a tuna boil, a feeding craze that makes the water look like it’s boiling.

“We saw it as sharks […]Mr. May said.

Dillon May in Story

In the video, we notice that the excitement was such that we could hear sharks hitting the boat the couple was on. The man also noted that the sharks were in such a frenzy that the water was flying back into their boat.

Dillon May said they were about 15 miles offshore when they spotted a large group of menhaden fish, and headed for it. However, the predators found him first.

“By the time we got there, the sharks had found the group and pushed them against the boat to feed,” the fisherman added.

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