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The fish uses its owner’s credit card and makes purchases with the Nintendo Switch

To achieve this, the fish had created a Pay Pal account and changed the owner’s profile name thanks to motion detection software installed in its aquarium, giving it control of a video game console, CNN media reported.

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The whole thing would have been filmed via a streaming platform, since the fish belongs to YouTuber Mutekimaru, who is known for videotaping fish playing video games using motion capture software.

The fish reportedly didn’t stop there during the live broadcast and added 500 yen ($5) to Mutekimaru’s Switch profile using his credit card, details of which were accidentally leaked onto the Internet.

Everything could have been caused by the game crashing, which might prompt the YouTuber to leave his desk temporarily. So the fish would have jumped at the opportunity to make these purchases, as reported by CNN.

The incident sparked many reactions on social media, and many users shared it, especially on Twitter.

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