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The first indigenous drama novel on Radio Canada

The first indigenous drama novel on Radio Canada

Filmed from The Fall in the Algonquin region with support from the Anichinabe community in Kitigan Zibi, it will follow, over time, the story of two Anichinabe who were kidnapped from their families in the 1960s to receive their education at a boarding school.

Viewers will follow them all their lives, during which they will try to make peace with this heavy past.

« You Flora, It is, beyond just a drama series, it is a re-assignment not only to culture and language, but to our place in the great media and artistic field in Canada, “confirms Sonia Ponspell Boileau, after introducing herself in the Mohawk, a language that she does not speak, like her mother, because her grandfather He attended a boarding school.

« You Flora It constitutes a great step towards our goal of reflecting more diversity in the live experiences of all our citizens into our imaginations, ”adds Radio Canada TV CEO, Danny Melloul.

The fictional series, although it is inspired by several testimonies, will be filmed “with respect to the survivors and families who are still living with the repercussions,” the director said.

Director Sonya Bonspell Boileau.

Photo: Radio Canada / Jean-Francois Villeneuve

The main cast was selected. Wendat Dominique Pétin said she was moved to participate “in this first major series about the scars of indigenous residential schools in our history and to be able to recount them through an indigenous word, the word Sonia”.

She will play the role of a woman who appears to be in complete control of her presence, but is hiding great distress, says the concerned president, without wanting to give more details.

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Ino Marco Cullen, for his part, mentions the importance of giving “a voice to those who have enrolled in these boarding schools.” He will play one of these survivors, A being who tries to heal, to find peace with his past By returning to its culture.

I was speechless because that was my reality, Says Anichinabe, Samian of Pikogan, when he’s done reading the script.

Because in addition to the reality of boarding school survivors, it also talks about the impact this has on their families, children, and subsequent generations.

“The character I play really fits into that reality,” adds Samian, who has found a lot of his life in it.

15 years ago, I couldn’t even imagine that a series of this size could be shown on TV here in Quebec.

Quote from:Samyan

These original representatives will be surrounded by Quebec representatives, including Virginie Fortin and Mileen Saint Sauveur. The latter hopes the series will allow her to educate herself and learn about an unknown part of Canadian history.

Lead actors in various Aboriginal communities are scheduled to be selected during the summer to complete the cast, which will roughly consist of both indigenous and non-indigenous actors.

“We know that there are pearls in our societies, and this will give the opportunity to actors and actresses who may know a little about the screening,” wants to identify Sonya Ponspell Boileau.

Who will play Flora? The director preferred to keep this character’s name silent for the time being, wanting to preserve the mystery.

The series will premier for a week in the language of Anishinaabemowin (Ojibwe), with French subtitles.

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The six one-hour episodes, produced by Jason Brennan for Nish Media, will be broadcast in their original French version and prime time, as stated in the press release, on ICI TOU.TV EXTRA. Accordingly, You Flora It will be shown on ICI TÉLÉ and APTN.