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The first helicopter flight on Mars!

The first helicopter flight on Mars!

On April 19 this happened on the planet Mars on First flight of creativity helicopter. This is the first time that a helicopter has flown somewhere other than our planet!

And the trip went very well!

Brilliance managed to fly 3 meters above the ground for 39.1 seconds, before softly landing.

You can see the video here :

Commander here ingenuity, what is my mission? to you.

The Creativity Helicopter mission is completely different from the Perseverance Wagon mission.

The creativity team should:

  1. Demonstrate the ability of a helicopter to fly On the red planet

  2. Demonstration of the micro-technology used To create a small helicopter Take off;

  3. Prove that he can be independent. Creativity is built to work on solar energy and doesn’t need to be driven in real time (computers and algorithms take care of this). Now is the time to prove that she really does succeed in achieving her goals without mom and dad (NASA engineers) controlling her at all times.

In short, creativity is not here to help persevere in its mission. Instead, its goal is to demonstrate that the technology used to build it actually works.

From this first trip, the engineers will run tests for approximately thirty days and the creativity task will be completed.

Is it different from flying on Mars?

Compared to Earth, the difference is huge!

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Mars’ atmosphere is equivalent to 1% of Earth’s atmosphere. Which means there is much less d’air To allow a helicopter to take off.

Making such a journey is much more complicated on Mars than on Earth.

It is few This is the equivalent of trying to swim in a pool with only a few inches of water.

To achieve this, the creativity must be light enough and its blades must be able to spin very fast (2,500 rpm). That’s five times faster than the speed required to fly to Earth!

We present to you Airport Wright!

In honor of the Wright brothers, NASA chose to name the area in which Ingenuity flew as Wright Airfield.

Wait, brothers, who?

The Wright Brothers. They were the ones who made the first flight on the planet in 1903. The flight took 12 seconds and spanned 36.58 meters.

Their plane was as follows:

To return to our little Martian helicopter, we seem to have hidden a small piece of fabric from the wings of the Wright Brothers’ plane from 1903.

Briefly, 118 years after the Wright Brothers’ journeyIt’s creativity to make your first trip to another planet!

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And our little finger tells us that the first time like this, there will be many more times during this mission!

Like the first dichotomy of tenacity and creativity, perhaps?

An animation of perseverance and creativity on Mars.

The first self-portrait of perseverance and creativity on the planet Mars! Did they blink?

Image: NASA / March 2021