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The first flying car approved for testing in the United States

The first flying car approved for testing in the United States

The maker of the flying car has received a Special Certificate of Airworthiness from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), another step into a future world where flying vehicles fly overhead.

Californian company Alf Aeronautics is the first company to receive this certification for a flying vehicle, which will also be inspired by the vehicle used by Marty McFly in Back to the Future. Thus, the “Model A” will be the first 100% electric car, which can move both on the road and in the sky, to receive approval from the US government, as reported by “Global News”.

The car has already proven that it can drive on the road and park like no other. Tests will be in the program to determine if skywalking will still be possible.

“It’s one small step for airplanes, one giant leap for automobiles,” said Jim Duchovny, CEO of Alef Aeronautics, in a press release.

The company says the idea for the Model A project occurred in 2015 — the same year that Marty McFly, the film’s main character, traveled “into the future.”

The vehicle is currently capable of vertical take-off and landing. Thus, it will not be superfluous to have a helipad, as in the case of an airport. According to the company, the vehicle will be able to carry one or two passengers and will be able to fly at speeds of up to 177 km/h.

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