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The first dictation from space with La Dictée Géante

The first dictation from space with La Dictée Géante

The Museum of Air, Space and France Culture has returned to school by co-curating the first space dictation with La Dictée Géante and with the participation of Thomas Pesquet, astronaut from the European Space Agency, Rachid Santaki, founder and producer of La Dictée Géante and Olivia Gisbert, producer at France Culture.

The first dictation about space with La Dictée Géante will take place at the Museum from 3pm to 3:30pm. Approximately 1,000 people are expected to attend this free event, which stakeholders and local associations will be invited to attend, in the process of cultural democratization.

Thomas Pesquet will read excerpts from the work Un Barrage contre le Pacifique by Marguerite Duras (Ed. Gallimard) in a video clip recorded from the International Space Station and broadcast exclusively on the museum’s big screen for the La Dictée Géante program directed by Rachid Santaque and Olivia Gisbert. It will be broadcast on Saturday 11 September at 5 pm on the France Culture antenna and will be available for replay on and the France Radio app.

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Sunday 5 September 2021 at 3 pm in public and Saturday 11 September at 5 pm in France Culture
La Dictée de l’Espace with La Dictée Géante at the Museum of Air and Space – Paris-Le Bourget
free entry

Air and Space Museum

Located at Paris-Le Bourget Airport, Europe’s leading business airport, the Air and Space Museum is one of the world’s leading aviation museums, given its age and the wealth of its collections. Founded in 1919, it presents an exceptional historical collection in the three areas of aviation: airship, aviation and space. Today the museum is a public institution (EPA) under the Ministry of the Armed Forces, with the name “Musée de France”.
Witness to man’s dream of conquering the sky, the Air and Space Museum is also a site museum. Thus, it provides the visitor who walks on its runway, halls and galleries with a real experience. This invites him to plunge into the history of the conquest of the third dimension and, at the same time, to relive this great human adventure, admiring more than 150 aircraft, as well as satellites, missiles, models, artwork, flight crews or historical documents.

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French culture: the spirit of openness

France Culture, representative of cultural life and knowledge, represents knowledge, ideas and specializations in creativity to highlight contemporary issues every day, on terrestrial and digital antennas.
Attentive to the evolution of all uses, it strives in various forms to broadcast more and more, in an accessible way as it requires, different programs showing all the riches of radio art: elaborate magazines, radio debates, news papers, documentaries, fiction. Its agility allows French culture to be a benchmark in terms of news-watching across the board. Its presentation also constitutes a catalog of content which makes it an essential resource for podcasts.
Its public events (forums, readings, creations, master classes, awards dedicated to student audiences), just like many syndicated editions, variations on the podcast and original video are an expression, in all media, of her conviction in public service: culture is a sign of the times.