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The fire partially destroyed the old parliament of Canberra

The fire partially destroyed the old parliament of Canberra

Activists have been fighting for days for an indigenous demand in front of the old parliament in the Australian capital. On Thursday, December 30, a fire broke out in the facade of the historic building. An investigation has been launched.

“Major damage”, This Friday, December 31st is a sad day Canberra Times. The previous day, during a demonstration by activists from The reason for the tribes Walking outside the old parliament building in the center of the Australian capital, a narrow fire destroyed part of the facade of the building. Tribal leaders immediately condemned the incident. The magazine explains, And opened an inquiry to determine responsibilities.

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Activists have been protesting in front of the old parliament for several days in January, the fiftieth anniversary of the establishment of the “aboriginal embassy” based on the old federal parliament. Called the Tribal Tent Embassy in English, it is a collection of tents and flags set up to protect the rights of Australian aborigines. Although not yet officially approved by the authorities, the facility remains permanent.

Despite the heightened tensions in recent days, those responsible for the tribal riots are refusing to take responsibility for the burning of the old parliament. Larissa Baldwin, director of the Get Up First Nations Justice Campaigns organization, said the work of vaccines on the fire was high. Canberra Times. “I can assure you that the anti-tax people infiltrated the protest in the old parliament and again took our movement hostage. Their actions are disgraceful.” Did she write Social Websites.

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The building that caught fire on Thursday housed the federal parliament from 1927 to 1988. It was later converted into the Australian Democratic Museum. “I believe the damage will not be major and repair will be possible,” he said. Kenneth Hepburn, President of the Heritage Council of the Australian Capital Territory (land where Canberra is located) commented.


The daily newspaper of the Australian Federal Capital, though not up to standard Age From Melbourne and Morning Herald Sydney is one of the leading dailies in the continent. As “liberal” (i.e. conservative)


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