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The FBI will help Usain Bolt find his millions

The FBI will help Usain Bolt find his millions

Legendary runner Usain Bolt has lost $12.7 million over the past 13 years in a fraud case, forcing the Jamaican government to call the FBI.

The owner of eight Olympic gold talismans lost almost everything after investing his money in Stocks and Securities Limited, a brokerage firm based in Kingston, the capital of Jamaica.

In addition to Bolt, many large customers have been affected by this massive fraud. Finance Minister Nigel Clark revealed that even the Jamaican government had invested money in it.

According to the latter, the brokerage firm falsified the data it provided to its clients.

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It was the same company that alerted the authorities a few weeks ago after fraud was committed by one of its directors.

According to Usain Bolt’s lawyer, there is only $12,000 left in the account of the man who was once considered the fastest man on Earth.

Its representatives demanded that the company pay back the missing amount by Friday.

In addition to the FBI, the Government of Jamaica has asked other international partners to cooperate in this dossier.

Minister Clark reassured, according to the British newspaper “Evening Standard”: “We will find out exactly how the money was stolen, who benefited from this fraud and who masterminded it all.”

“The outrage and unease we feel has been magnified by the long period over which the fraud has allegedly been committed. In addition, the suspects appear to have deliberately targeted the elderly, as well as our beloved national icon Usain Bolt.”

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Note that the investigation is still in its infancy, and the information revealed thus far may only represent the tip of the iceberg. Nigel Clark stressed that the Jamaican authorities would not go hand in hand with the perpetrators.

He warned, “If you steal from depositors, cheat investors, and put our financial system in a precarious position, Jamaican society will want you behind bars for a long time.”