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The FAF makes new discoveries

The FAF makes new discoveries

The Algerian Football Federation (FAF) sparked a wave of criticism after it published, on May 6, the response of the FIFA Referees Committee to its complaint against the referee. Bakari Jasama.

He had led the match between Algeria and Cameroon in the second leg of the 2022 World Cup on March 29 in Blida, and the meeting ended in defeat and the exclusion of Algeria.

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Two days after the defeat of Algeria, the FAF announced, Thursday, March 31, that it had taken over the world football body through a complaint against the arbitration of this match.

We regret that, according to your assessment, the referee’s decisions may have a negative impact on the course of the match. We have taken note of the elements of your message and can already ensure that all incidents that occurred during the match have been carefully vetted by the Video Referees, in accordance with the Laws of the Game and the Video Referee Assistance Protocol. “, to me replied The International Football Association Board (FIFA), according to a press release published by FIFA late on Friday night, May 6th.

(…) Unfortunately, this email does not respond in any way to the requests in the complaint file This was stated in the reaction of the Algerian Federation on Saturday (May 14th) in a press release.

Considering that the complaint file heavy ” And ” Through the attached videos, and above all, the experience of a specialized agency », la Fédération algérienne de football a réitéré sa demande auprès de la Commission des Arbitres de la FIFA le samedi 7 mai 2022 par courriel pour avoir des clarifications, peut-on lire dans le communiqué de la Fédération algérienne la publié de dans 14 mayo

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the first Clarification related to refereeing the match. Which was not mentioned at any point in the FIFA response, while the FAF complaint refers to situations considered controversial and for which the federation would have liked to have clear and precise answers. referring to the Algerian federal authority.

The Algerian Football Federation also believes that the FIFA Referees Committee did not mention ” Whether the main referee has applied the Laws of the Game correctly and complied with the Arbitration Video Assistance Protocol described in the same email “.

So, the FAF calls for examination conclusions, for all ”accidentsIt was executed by two VAR referees. It regrets that the request for access to the audio-recorded communications between the responsible referee and the other referees (the assistant referees and the VAR referees) ” left unfollowed “.

The file is not closed?

In a press release published on Saturday night, the FAF doesn’t seem to have it all closed fact The file, as suggested by the AFP Telegram on Saturday 7 May, citing a FIFA spokesperson.

while making ” A vital tribute to all among the Green Party supporters, who have expressed their support and demonstrated a positive and responsible attitude in defending the merits of this complaint file. Al-Faf added that whatever the outcome of the complaint, it is ” It deserves to be formally introduced so that such arbitrary abuses are repressed and banned forever from the continental football arena. “Referring to the refereeing biases during the Algeria-Cameroon match.

Alfaf” It has made it the duty and principle of taking over FIFA, to shed full light on what it considers to be a suspicious referee on the part of the referee of this match and its effect on its outcome. ‘, wrote the federal authority in its May 14 press release, while saying it was still awaiting follow-up. It is clear and objective for this claim “.

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Because it adds, in addition to the facts of the match, the errors that can arise and committed by the referees and players, which are likely to affect the course and / or the outcome of the match of the Algerian Federation. It did not, in its regulatory and benevolent approach, mention the opponent or any other party, except for the arbitration aspect “.

Noting that apart from the technical elements in their possession and submitted, including videos and expert report, they are ” Never received any document or other physical evidence (by any means) from a third party for inclusion in his complaint file.

“Suspicious Arbitration”

The Algerian Football Federation acts within the strict regulatory framework granted to it by the FIFA Laws of the Game and the usual procedures, and is not at any time responsible for statements and/or publications made by third parties. “He defends the FAF. For her, all those who have talked about this file” Take full responsibility for their statements, publications and statements “.

To justify her complaint against the arbitration in the match between Algeria and Cameroon, the FAF made it clear that it had summoned the agency ” Specialized and famous for his collaboration with this same body, but also with the International Olympic Committee, UEFA and the Council of Europe “And from” Conclusion The arbitration in this match qualifies as a suspect, and this is on an estimated scale of three levels: normal arbitration, suspicious arbitration, and abnormal arbitration. “.

After the technical and scientific evaluations contained in the expert reports, it was found that the refereeing of the match between Algeria and Cameroon on March 29, 2022, which is calculated for the 2022 World Cup qualifiers, is doubtful. referring to the Algerian Federation.

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In detail, the FAF states, based on the report of this unnamed agency, that “The imbalance (100% vs 0%) between the two teams for IRD (incorrect decisions by the referee) and the total number of high IRDs (3) that directly affected the result, both are well above the usual standards for professional football matches.“.

The FAF cites the facts of the match where referee Gassama did not make the correct decision: The penalty kick that was verified but not whistled (Algeria), the goal disallowed (Cameroon) and the goal disallowed (Algeria) significantly impacted the match in favor of Cameroon. “.