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Any discount for Algeria in the qualifiers?

The FAF demands a change of stadium

The 48 hours before the match between Algeria and Côte d’Ivoire on Thursday 20 January will be crucial for the rest of the tournament a trip From the Greens at the 2021 Africa Cup of Nations, we still don’t know in which stadium the meeting will take place.

Algeria had a poor start to the competition, drawing 0-0 with Sierra Leone and then losing (0-1) to everyone’s surprise, against Equatorial Guinea.

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The coaching staff, players, journalists, and even the general public were unanimous in attributing poor performance to case the lawn From Jaboma Stadium in Douala, among other factors.

The ground is in dire straits and Algeria coach, Jamal Belmadi, he said repeatedly that this type of stadium favored defending teams, which was the case with the last two opponents of the Greens.

“There is nothing official.”

For the last match where victory is inevitable for the Algerians, the Algerian Football Federation (FAF) wants to change stadiums. And its media relations official, Salah Bey Abboud, denied what was reported about the issuance of such a decision, but confirmed that a request had been submitted in this regard.

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« Rumors are circulating about the match being moved, but nothing is official. What I can confirm is that the FAF officially contacted the Confederation of African Football to request that they play in another stadium due to the poor condition of the stadium. It is in the interest of both teams who have players who play for big clubs Abboud told Al-Bilad channel.

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According to him, such a decision should be taken. ” If only to protect the image of the competition ».

The FAF contact person indicated that the organizers informed the Algerian delegation of the necessity of vacating a period of time in Douala Stadium for the Mali national team, which will play its third match there. An additional reason to move the Greens meeting?