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The exhibition "Tatoueurs, Tatoués" in Espace Limia: a journey into the depths of the tenth art

The exhibition “Tatoueurs, Tatoués” in Espace Limia: a journey into the depths of the tenth art

The Alpes Maritimes department is hosting the exhibition “Tatoueurs-Tatoués” until October 31, 2021. A show that traces the history and values ​​of tattoos.

The story goes back to Europe in the 1970s, with the discovery of the tattooed body of Ötzi, a man forbidden by Christianity. In this period, tattoos were marginalized. at 19e century, his tattoos were displayed in bourgeois salons or in the courts of some European royal families. Today, tattoos join the discipline of art history and are classified as “10e Art.” On July 2, 2021, the exhibition opening took place in the Lympia Cultural Space in Nice Tattoo artists and tattoo artists. Designed by Jacques Chirac, Quai Branly Museum.

Confirm the tattoo as an art in itself

130 works and 20 tattooed silicone molds were displayed during the opening. Thirty tattoo-loving countries were mentioned during the show business. These numbers reveal the rise of the tene art. He owes his success in particular to Internet development and media interest in it. For ten years, tattoos have also been writing their contemporary history at the rate of technological improvement.”. The opening ceremony was marked by the presence of Eric Ciotti, Vice President and Chairman of the Finance Committee of County Council 06. “We also wanted to evoke this French passion for the primitive arts, which is undoubtedly an extension of the burning curiosity that archaeologists, art historians and anthropologists have felt for centuries toward distant peoples.” and Emmanuel Csarheiro, President of the Quai Branly Jacques Chirac Museum. “I am convinced that the audience in Nice and beyond will best welcome ‘Tatoueurs, Tatoués’. All the ingredients are there for the success of the exhibition.”

The people of Nice have responded

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The opening of the exhibition was attended by more than one hundred visitors. An opportunity for them to reconnect with art that has been deprived of its creativity since the beginning of the pandemic. “We can finally do an activity. I booked straight away to admire this exceptional work. I am passionate about tattoos and art in general » Olive Visitor says. Cocktail in hand, Hugo is pleased with the reunion, “I missed this friendly atmosphere. This exhibition allows us to reconnect with our habits. May the movement continue! “. Visits at the Lympia Cultural Space run from Wednesday to Sunday from 10 am to 6 pm.