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The exclusion that makes the LFP work!

The exclusion that makes the LFP work!

A big disappointment yesterday in Algiers and everywhere in Algeria, after the bitter elimination of the two Algerian representatives in the African Champions League. CRB and MCA couldn’t pursue their dream and were out of competition one step away from the final.

So the disappointment is enormous in both camps, but on the LFP side, we know that the two Algerian clubs’ misfortunes are providing them with a wonderful service, and we already know that the task of managing the rest of the competition will be less complicated. It must be said that the goal of Moudouar, who runs both the First Division and the League Cup, is to play as many matches as possible at the start of the summer, to try to advance first to respect the schedule and finish the tournament on time. That is, by the end of July (or at least at the beginning of August), then he tried to play all the late matches that the Algerian representatives had accumulated in the African Women’s Cups, and it must be said that this need for them has become urgent in recent weeks, especially with the famous deadline that he set CAF.

CAF categorically

The Confederation of African Football wants to receive the names of the Algerian representatives in the African Cups for the next season no later than June 30, a mission impossible for the FAF, which will need more time to be able to complete these two qualifying competitions, namely the tournament and the League Cup tournament, an exemption request was sent to The African Authority to extend this period, but the FAF received a negative response from the Confederation of African Football, and the federal body will be obligated again to use the sum, and the famous indicator will stop. Arranged on June 29, and you are able to submit only the names of the 2 C1 actors and CAF Cup actor, and in order to make sure that the two teams are selected before the end of the fiscal year, and so that the quotient system does not distort the accounts too much, the LFP would like to play all the late matches. Before this date of the 29th, this would not be possible if MCA and CRB qualify for the next round, and now that they have officially left the competition, they will have to settle their debts by playing their matches, tying up the maximum number of matches together in the company of other teams, perhaps with the exception of JSK Who has been summoned to fight tonight’s battle with CSS; Should qualify, ‘the Canary Islands will have to display some late matches, so it is very likely that they will be the only club on June 29th as a performance indicator will be applied to them.

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June training

The Greens opponents program is almost restricted

3e The opponent of the EN team during the World Cup qualifiers, and specifically Niger’s choice, suspended its preparatory program for next June.

Thus, MENA will fly to Turkey to participate in a tournament in Antalya, due to the restrictions associated with Covid-19, several African picks have chosen for this country and this region, among them Niger, which will play at least 3 matches. During this date against African selections. Thus, the first match will be played on June 2, against Togo on June 2e The date was set for June 5, while the 3e It is scheduled to take place the match against Sele Guinean on the 11th of the same month on the same day the match between Tunisia and Algeria. It is reported that Burkina Faso has suspended a program of two matches they will play on June 5 in Abidjan against the Ivorian elephants, while 2e The match will take them to Rabat, where they will face Morocco’s choice on June 12th. For its part, Djibouti, which has not announced its program yet, will play with the Lebanese national team on June 23 in a qualifying match for the Arab Nations Cup, knowing that if it qualifies, it will play in the same group as Indiana.

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