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The evolution of her looks is better than the worst!  (photo)

The evolution of her looks is better than the worst! (photo)

This Saturday 10 July, Paris Première broadcasts the documentary Celine Dion: The secret history of her hits from 10:45 p.m.. An opportunity to review the different looks that the singer has adopted since her debut at the age of thirteen.

She is 53 years old and still has a slim figure. Celine Dion He does not hesitate to surprise his fans with his choice of clothes. From her inception on stage until today, She was the one who gave her European fans bad newsA die-hard fan of the catwalks, she’s not afraid to dare the most daring looks. A look back at nearly forty years of looks, from the wisest of adolescence to the craziest of recent years. During fashion weeks !

meteoric rise

She is barely 13 years old, and already the young Quebec is talking about her. In 1983, Celine Dion He arrives in France with his song love or friendship. Her voice and personality do not go unnoticed. He won the Eurovision Song Contest in Switzerland in 1988, and then collaborated with her Jean-Jacques Goldman He would make the young Quebec one of the most famous French-speaking singers of the time. From 1988, on the advice of his mentor Rene AngelChanging her shape, teeth, and hairstyle… Celine Dion She learns English and begins her international career. In 1997, she sang My heart will go on For the movie soundtrack Titanic The success is enormous. Celine Dion Then it becomes a planetary star. Successfully, the singer emphasizes her appearance and transitions from outfit wise to a More attractive style, even surprise.

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glamorous fifties

Having achieved worldwide success, having achieved Special show in Las Vegas فيAnd the Celine DionBarely 48 years old, she was at the peak of her career when Rene Angelil, his love for life, dies ، She leaves her alone with her three children. This drama destroys her but she’s a fighter and very fast Celine Dion He finds his way back to the stage as well as the podium. At 52 years old, and still passionate about fashion, the singer is now among all the characters Fashion weeks, sometimes accompanied by Baby Munoz (from him Responding to rumors about their relationship), his great dancer friend. Creative people make her eyes soft because the star is not cold in the eyes and dares to everything, even the most unlikely. From the fluorescent pink look to the colorful jacket suit outfit, the star plays with color and accessories to delight us!

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