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The "Es-Soufflés" party will take place on 3 April in the Place André-Jarlan

The “Es-Soufflés” party will take place on 3 April in the Place André-Jarlan

This event organized by the Department of the Conservatory of Music and Theater of Aveyron (CRDA) was proposed by students of chromatic accordion and clarinet classes in Rignac and Rodez under the supervision of Émilie Marzilli and Jean-Marc Houdard, their teachers.

The meeting of two instruments each will have its strong character despite the great similarity in operation: “Their well-differentiated bells provide an extraordinary sound palette with the ability to blend to the point of confusion” Director Colette Marr explains to whom “It is a meeting of two chapters of CRDAs around a project for collective practice through business arrangements ranging from Purcell to Piazzola via ragtime, film music or traditional music.”

This “Es-Soufflés” collection does not lack air… and it will not fail to leave the audience speechless: “This kind of performance is each time a new musical adventure for these young talents, a beautiful exercise that calls for repetition several times a year and thus promotes, along with artistic and pedagogical teaching, a culture of expression in the heart of the regions” Director continues.

Meets on Sunday, April 3rd at 5pm at Espace Andrej Yarlan. Call and book with Colette Marre on 06 32 00 60 67 until 3 April. Free participation and respect for barrier gestures.

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