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The Empire State Building infuriates New Yorkers

Like Toronto’s CN Tower, which was lit up in the colors of the Montreal Canadiens during their playoff run in 2021, the iconic Empire State Building caused a stir in New York by showing support for a “bad” NFL team on Sunday.

The Manhattan skyscraper is decorated in green to congratulate the Philadelphia Eagles for their participation in the Super Bowl.

A hard-to-digest tribute to fans of the New York Giants, who saw their favorite eliminated by the same Eagles, a week ago.

Justin Love of the Big Apple also expressed his displeasure on Twitter.

“What is it? Let me close my curtains,” he said.

Although the famous building was also lit red to mark the Kansas City Chiefs’ participation in the Grand Final at Goodell Circuit, it still made the cover of the New York Post, which described this gesture of “betrayal.”

“We hurt more than you did,” he joked on the Empire State Building’s Twitter account.

The Chiefs and Eagles will meet in Glendale, Arizona on February 12th.

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