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The door is open to spam and scams

On the night of February 20-21, 2023, Outlook users were infected with numerous spam emails and other scams, which got mixed up with their messages in their inbox. Reason: The spam filter failed.

Outlook users had an unpleasant surprise, Monday, February 20, to discover dozens of emails about contests, package deliveries, medical appointments, subscriptions for renewals, and other enticing offers in their inbox. In fact, Microsoft Email suffered a technical failure that lasted more than nine hours worldwide and prevented spam from being forwarded to junk mail thanks to a spam filter. As a result, users saw a wave of fraudulent messages land in their main inbox, mixed in with legitimate mail. Enough to complicate the sorting and get you constantly bombarded with notifications! The problem is that this outage has exposed them to numerous scams, phishing attempts, and other scams of all kinds.

Outlook outage: Resolved a technical issue

Fortunately, things were back to normal on Tuesday, February 21st, as indicated activity page Microsoft Services, without the company providing more information about the reasons for this failure. “We have identified the source of the problem and have taken steps to resolve it. We will continue to monitor to ensure the issue remains mitigated.”said a spokesperson BFM-TV. It is possible that some spam will remain in your inboxes even though the spam filter is back.

This isn’t the first time that Microsoft’s email system has encountered some problems. Already in January, a major outage affected many of the company’s services due to a network configuration problem, followed by another outage in Outlook on February 7, which prevented users from sending, receiving, or searching for emails due to “last change”. to when coming?

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