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The Disappearance of Melissa Bliss: Find a Car

The Disappearance of Melissa Bliss: Find a Car

A search was conducted on Monday afternoon on the St. Maurice River, near Grande-Mare, in Morrissey, to try to find Melissa Place’s car, which disappeared in November 2017, but only a truck was found while snorkeling.

The head of Meurtres et disparitions irrésolus du Québec (MDIQ), Stephane Luce, led the operation thanks to two volunteer divers.

A metal object was seen under the Grande-Mare motorway bridge on Monday morning.

Sonar images used by the team were cut below the bridge, which is a matter of signal, according to Mr. Luce.

So the two volunteers had to jump into the water to check if the metallic body was a black Toyota Corolla from Melissa Bliss, and began searching around 2 p.m.

Just before 4 p.m., volunteer divers returned to the surface and announced that they had discovered a vehicle, such as a Ford or Mazda, according to diver Danielle Lamontani. Subsequently, Confidential de Québec (SQ) was immediately informed of the discovery.

For the head of the MDIQ, it will be important to conduct a search on the vehicle, as it can be linked to the disappearance case.

Luce said the county police will soon decide whether or not to dispatch the divers.

According to Danielle Lamontani, other vehicles could be in the same area.

The truck discovered was located on a hollow ledge in the river, and the team’s sonar reportedly picked up other vehicle-like shapes.

Mr. Lamontani confirmed that MDIQ volunteers will be returning soon to continue research in the area.

A completely different search was also planned by the organization in Louisville on August 21.

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Volunteers will focus on the ground, hoping to find any item related to Melissa Bliss’ disappearance that occurred on November 2, 2017.