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The cultural season in Asilah is a space for reflection on humanitarian issues and regional and international challenges (Minister)

In a speech he read on his behalf on the occasion of the opening of the autumn session of the 43rd edition of the Asilah World Cultural Season and the 36th edition of the Al-Mu’tamid Bin Abbad Open University, Mr. Bin Said stressed that the work of the Asilah Season has made a leading space for reflection on humanitarian issues and the increasingly complex regional and international challenges.

This forum was accompanied, with great distinction and in the presence of eminent personalities from the world of thought, culture, politics and economy from different countries, the many transformations that the world has undergone, through presentation and diagnosis, against the background of alerting to dangers and slipping, the minister added, noting that the international cultural season of Asilah was distinguished by a proposal solutions and identifying alternatives.

He added that this forum has always called for the depth of culture and art to approach human relations, considering that differences and hostility stem from ignorance.

Bin Saeed stressed that culture and the arts help expose this ignorance and thus contain it in the name of security, stability and the welfare of humanity.

According to the minister, the forward-looking vision of the forum in dealing with current issues derives its spirit from the Kingdom’s positions and its continuous involvement in creating conditions for a safer and more stable world, under the wise leadership of the King. Muhammad the Sixth.

He continued that the challenges of development and stability affect vast areas of the world, which makes security and stability and thus development a permanent issue, noting that the chapter is completely incompatible with the good track of human development. Unfortunately, it is still present in the minds of some parties driven by sterile and outdated considerations.

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The minister stressed the importance of the cultural and artistic content of spaces that celebrate theater, books, plastic arts and other forms of human artistic expression, noting that this content denounces hatred and presents the best vision of the world through the perspective of colors. artistic expressions and creativity.