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Le moustique tigre s'est bien installé à Nancy

The city of Nancy, classified by the tiger mosquito as a “colony area”

Since August 2020, the regional health agency has noticed the presence of the tiger mosquito in the city of Nancy. The mosquito that, again, raises ARS, Epidemic risk, “Possibly a carrier of dengue, chikungunya and Zika viruses“.

After the examinations carried out in recent weeks in Nancy, Samples are observed In the Haussonville area, rue Maréchal Oudinot, “Discoveries indicating permanent residence and evolution of species in the neighborhoodARS is again observed. The tiger mosquito was discovered again last July In the garden of Dominique Alexandre Godron, on the rue Sainte-Catherine.

Observations that led the proxy to classify the city of Nancy and the entire county of Murthy and Moselle as “colony areaTiger mosquito.

Measures to reduce the spread of mosquitoes in the spring of 2022

next spring, in 2022″Raising awareness and monitoring interventions“It will be proposed with the city of Nancy in the areas already targeted, to try”To reduce the spread“Of species. Traps will be installed to monitor evolution, ARS identifies.

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