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The Château-Gontier Hospital acquires a virtual reality cube to treat mental patients

It is a technology that contains everything in a small revolution: the patients of the psychiatry department of the Château-Gontier-sur-Maine hospital will be able to do it treat their phobia using a virtual reality cube. This technology has just been installed in a small room at the Haut-Anjou Hospital Centre. patient scenario more real than life, He faces a scene that makes him anxious and he will gradually learn to manage his problems.

“It relates to almost all phobias”

A video is displayed on four screens at the same time: on the ceiling, on the back wall and on the sides. The patient is completely surrounded by sights and sounds. “There are speakers to set the mood and video projectors for total immersion. There, the picture is a bit blurry, because it’s 3Ddescribes Dr. Nabil Benhamid, a psychiatrist working with this technology. This Algerian practitioner has been working in Chateau-Gontier-sur-Maine since November and was drawn to Maine by this new equipment from Haut-Anjou. “I was approached for my trial to be able to combine therapy with virtual reality“, Confirms.

You need 3D glasses to watch the video. This treatment saves time and prevents automatic recourse to medication. “At the moment, a patient who arrives because of a phobia, because of fear, is treated directly with an antidepressant, it is automatic. says d. Nabil Benhamed. All positions can be studied, depending on the patient’s phobia.Let’s say a person is afraid of driving on the highway or crossing a bridge: we won’t go out every time with the person to cross, do it all. Virtual reality really allows us to stay in the office, instill fear and calm the fear afterwards.” explains the 41-year-old Algerian psychiatrist.

Videos are projected on three walls at the same time: situations are simulated and experienced by patients thanks to 3D glasses.
Videos are projected on three walls at the same time: situations are simulated and experienced by patients thanks to 3D glasses.
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Virtual reality cube therapy may be a concern.”Almost all phobias “,” animals, insects, cars, fear of vomiting, fear of vomiting “, List of doctor Nabil bin Hamad. Therapists choose a video from their databases.They themselves will create the content, portraying disturbing, stressful and soothing situations regarding patients’ problems and illnesses. And after a few clicks, they will be able to merge it into the cubeexplains Mark Travers, co-director of Laval Imagin-VR, which designed the virtual reality cube.

For example, situations at a train station or at a fairground can be photographed.For people who are afraid of public transportation or afraid of crowds. says Alice Hoodot, a Sophistical Nurse at the Psychiatric Center at the Château-Gontier-sur-Maine Hospital.

Patients must be prepared before entering this virtual reality cube. In total, between theory and practice, 16 sessions are required.You have to prepare the person on a theoretical level, prepare the person for this fear and this exposure. You can’t just throw the person into the lion’s den. We will first explain fear, where it comes from, why it exists, and how it worksNabil Benhamed insists that virtual reality cube sessions allow patients to get rid of their phobias.

Dr. Bin Hamad is currently treating four patients with anxiety disorders. “Others are on the waiting list“, He specifies.

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