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The Changing Face of Toronto's Urban Space as Seen by Ken Greenberg

The Changing Face of Toronto’s Urban Space as Seen by Ken Greenberg

A man on a bicycle in front of a colorful mural in downtown Toronto.Photo: The Canadian Press / Frank Gunn

Ken Greenberg, an urban design specialist, believes that Toronto can only gain beauty and efficiency by diversifying the use of public spaces. According to him, Queen City should increase development programs and projects that would prioritize pedestrians and cyclists.

The terraces that were to be temporary will now be erected on Toronto’s year-round sidewalks. The city council recently decided to make the CaféTO initiative permanent, which allows some bars and restaurants to expand their terraces.

Endorsing CaféTO makes us think about the future of urban planning for Toronto, knowing that the pandemic has had an impact on Torontonians who want to spend more time outdoors. Questions about public space sharing are also growing, as the city of Toronto has launched more urban projects such as ActiveTO, which retains use of some public roads for cyclists and pedestrians.

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