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The CEO prioritizes travelers

The CEO prioritizes travelers

Yassine Ben Slimane, CEO of Air Algerie, instructed the company’s services to give priority to certain categories of passengers in the event of a waiting list.

Thus, priority is given to passengers “Sick, cancerous, on dialysis. Disabled and afflicted”

The instructions are for domestic flights. Many passengers with illnesses travel from the far south of the country to continue their cancer treatment at hospitals in the north of the country.

There are people leaving and coming from the south of the country. Spending the night in Algiers is very difficult, especially after a chemotherapy session”Amin Andalusi explains.

The Air Algerie spokesperson adds that the General Directorate’s instructions to grant priority boarding to this category of passengers are part of the public service.

Allocating seats on the queue has often led to misunderstandings, particularly during peak periods.

In traditional queuing procedures, a first-come, first-served rule usually prevails. The airline takes into account the chronological order when granting boarding to passengers when there is a waiting list.

Thus, the general manager of Air Algérie brings new things by giving priority to sick passengers, especially those suffering from cancer who are traveling from distant regions for a dialysis or chemotherapy session.

“Generally speaking, these are night flights. The priority is absolute. This is the minimum that Air Algerie can do as a national airline concerned with providing a public service”Andalusi concludes.

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