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The card is neither white nor black, we are gray - everything is possible

The card is neither white nor black, we are gray – everything is possible

Controversial topic all over the world. Implement initiative measures. The campaign is underway in Switzerland. Better late than never. Should more be done to ensure it is effective and that herd immunity is achieved as quickly as possible?


In a society where freedoms are favored, no limitation – obligation or prohibition – is conceivable. Moreover, unlike other countries, there is no compulsory vaccination in Switzerland. Often times they are recommended but not imposed. “Swiss style”, some will say: we recommend, but not restrictive. Half of the measures? The good news is that you have a choice. However, this complicates things somewhat. Double-edged!

First, we work to protect the health of the population (lockdowns, vaccinations, etc.). In the second step, we will consider other questions: What do you think of the benefit that would accrue thanks to vaccines, for example? Economic issues have no right to take precedence over public health. How do you compete for it?

However, the main risk of this is ineffectiveness. We do not have the necessary hindsight to draw conclusions. Nor should the lack of participation be underestimated. In part, due to an excess of information. Does he lack a number of societal issues, in real-time communication, in new technologies? One thing is for sure; It would have been less complicated a few decades ago! We swim in the ocean without even seeing the land. We are lost. We don’t know what to do anymore. We feel the contradictions. Since the suspicious person seeks to protect himself and his family, he will avoid any danger that he considers to be too great. It depends on education, culture and other criteria. Whatever his vision is, he is conveying it and would naturally like to follow it.

Some people support. Others are against it. Depending on the messages being sent, a change in your mind occurs. Our thoughts fluctuate. Adequate collective immunity of the population is a real challenge. “You are vaccinated, but not me!” “Let others try first.” They will be guinea pigs. If they are working well, I will think about it. “

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What do you think of solidarity to get out of serious work? Is it a lack of individual responsibility? Is it sufficient to vaccinate only those who need it most (the vulnerable) to revive the economy? What if it doesn’t protect one or more of the variables that might appear? Finally, do we do this? If so, under what conditions?


Is vaccination a purely personal right? In Switzerland, vaccination is not compulsory. For comparison, France has listed 11 vaccines as mandatory since 2018.

“Our powers are, in fact, limited to recommending vaccinations to certain groups of people,” according to the Federal Law on Controlling Diseases Transmitted to Humans.

“Vaccination is a medical intervention in the physical integrity of a person. Vaccination is only permitted with consent”: Follow up my articles on the political rights of all (A despised voice, a victim’s life And the Does the universality of the right to vote make sense?), The question is whether the data subject is able to distinguish, and to what extent if this is the case? The problem: the law does not make this difference, yes or no. If not, is his personal opinion taken into account or is the opinion of the trustee valid in all circumstances? Can he really put himself in the person’s shoes and not take into account his personal convictions? I am making this point to define the most complex of ours.

What do you do in light of the risks?

Evolution in record time. Urgent marketing. The manufacturing process is faster than ever. it’s scary. There are many unknowns about the Covid-19 vaccine, especially regarding deaths and other consequences.

Is it sufficient to claim the rapid development of science and medicine? Does Vaccination Mean to Risk Your (Good) Health? Is it useful to encourage everyone to want to protect all citizens, especially the vulnerable and the elderly? Where do morals go?

It seems to me that it is important to determine that all reactions are legitimate, taking into account the specifics of each.


The crisis continues. It is endless. How can we continue to live with measures that go against human nature (keeping distances, no longer – or less – promiscuity, etc.)? Vaccines are the main hope for ending this situation.

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Humans believe – by their nature – that a bad experience can and will thus fall on their heads. Naturally, we are only talking about people who do a bad job. As more and more better (or less bad) experiences are heard, more people may be a good fit for it. Additionally, it will be said that the canton physician is not recommending anything serious. Especially since we do not only allow any vaccine in Switzerland. These are arguments aimed at increasing participation.

Nevertheless, I would like to emphasize the idea of ​​proportionality. It should be applied to all of us. Can it differ from person to person? I don’t know the answer. So, what are the chances of achieving the desired goal (protecting oneself, protecting others, seeking collective immunity, risks to which he is exposed in relation to the desired benefits, etc.)?

Possible consequences

Additional bets. I appreciate the support of the population without being subjected to coercion. Today, given the delicate situation we are in, the borders are fine. Should we require citizens to be vaccinated in order to access certain services? It is difficult to imagine in our society. Is this idealism in the context in which we live? What about the United States or Russia, which is much more advanced, allowing the economy to recover more quickly? How do you imagine a country like Switzerland is behind schedule?

In addition, one can imagine that opposition to vaccination could have consequences in the near future and at a certain time (every misfortune has an end). Is there a passport for vaccination? In which countries? Wouldn’t it be better for us to preserve our freedoms? In other words, can freedom really be restricted? Which ? till when ? What are the chances of a possible quarantine loss in close contact with a sick person? Could not vaccination mean the risk of “isolation” until the virus is controlled in one way or another? We must not forget and remain humble in the face of strangers: we do not know everything and cannot control everything and we know that the situation will be different in the near or distant future. The time is up to us. Of our business. Let him be responsible.

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my choice

I have been vaccinated (1time Dose on Feb, 2The tenth Last March). Given my asthma, my elite sporting activity, my nearly international weekly and monthly trips and my disabilities, I was in a hurry to do it ASAP. The result: comfort. This greatly reduces my fear of infection, knowing that the risk of contamination is higher (because I move more). If this is achieved, then the probability of coming out without consequences, despite my very good physical form, may be low, according to statistics (compared to healthy individuals).

Even if that means feeling symptoms or being sick for a few days, I prefer to reduce the chances of suffering in the event of infection with the Coronavirus. Even if I have to do well, I am not ready to recover the long-term neurological symptoms (chronic fatigue or disorientation, for example, after I had an accident in 2008). I can only blame myself if I have to, if I decide not to get the vaccine (all went well, by the way).

However, science has yet to confirm the truth about not being able to catch the virus or not being able to transmit the virus, and you are still vigilant with others by literally respecting the rules. I will not be able to admit myself for the possibility of endangering my loved ones when I am no longer, even if they should no longer view me as “risking” and try to approach me. All the complexities of this period will have, as with everything, an end, despite the feeling of infinity that animates us. Anything is possible, one way or another. Let’s do everything we can to turn the scales in the right direction as quickly as possible.