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The Canadiens only have a four-point lead over the Coyotes

At the moment, the NHL has three Indigenous Quebec coaches. Jim Montgomery, in charge of the Bruins, is in a position to go to the Stanley Cup.

But the other two (Martin St. Louis and André Turenne) are in a somewhat different situation.

The Canadiens and Coyotes will not make the playoffs, but both clubs are running well. Coaches don’t care about picking the right draft now: They want to win hockey games.

And yesterday, back from vacation, Andre Turenne led his Coyotes to victory over the defending Stanley Cup champions, the Colorado Avalanche.

I know there are injuries in Denver, but still: a 6-3 win is a 6-3 win.

The Wolves have won their last two games and are playing over . 500 (5-4-1) in their last 10 games. So the training has been going well since the beginning of December..and it appears in the standings.

When we look at the NHL’s overall rankings, we see that the Wolves are still far behind CH in terms of points (33 vs. 29), but the gap is smaller than ever.

And besides, the wolves have game on hand.


I always thought cream would rise to the surface (at a rating level) and CH is not part of it. He really doesn’t have a terrible club, on the contrary, but he doesn’t have a good club either.

Looking at the rankings, I think the Canadian could eventually be bested by the Coyotes, Flyers and/or Sharks. I’m really not saying this will happen because they are not good teams, but it is possible.

However, I don’t see a world where the Blue Jackets, Ducks and Blackhawks finish up ahead of CH. Again, anything can happen, but these clubs really suck.

But With panthers not as good as expectedWell-established Canadian Third (tied with Columbus) The teams with the highest chance of being drafted first with an 11.5% chance of winning the lottery.

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