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The Canadians: 'The Extras' in Action, No Concussion for Darwin

The Canadians: ‘The Extras’ in Action, No Concussion for Darwin

Dominique Ducharme saw encouraging signs in the Montreal Canadiens’ 3-0 win over the Detroit Red Wings on Tuesday night, but one key word must be kept in mind: consistency.

It’s been tough to locate a Habs game from the start of the campaign, but the Montreal team put in a good effort for nearly 60 minutes of fencing against the Red Wings.

We said yesterday [mardi] This was really the way we wanted to do it, Ducharme explained on Wednesday at a press conference. It’s not just about our victory, but about the way we wanted to do it. We can’t come slow, lower our level of play, that’s how we’re going to win steadily. By playing like this, we will be successful.”

“When we put the players on the ice, we want to be sure of what we are going to do,” the coach continued. In some situations, not all players perform the same. We work with them and what we want is consistency.”

Next Challenge

The Canadian should prepare to face the New York Islanders under head coach Barry Trotz on Thursday at the Bell Center. Although they are powerful opponents, Ducharme insists on the importance of his comrades staying in their system and applying it well.

“I have a lot of respect for what Barry Trotz does,” Ducharme praised. But I never see it as a “coach vs. coach” confrontation. Even in the playoffs, what we do is control our players. If we do good things, good things happen. The Islanders are a hardworking and well organized team. It’s a good challenge, but again, we’re not going to get results if we don’t get what we have to do.”

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Center Christian Dvorak gave the same speech as his coach, explaining that the game’s system could take a few weeks to be firmly entrenched in the skaters’ DNA.

“We stayed in our system,” Dvorak said. We supported each other and stayed close to the ice. That is the guiding principle of our plan and if we stick to it, we must do well.”

Press Briefing by C.Dvorak –

“Yesterday it was our team,” Ducharme added. I was happy with the way we played and what gives me confidence is the feeling of the team that came with it. This is our plan.”

Good news for Jonathan Drouin

Canadiens head coach Dominique Ducharme also gave the news of Jonathan Drouin, who left the ice in the first period of Tuesday’s game after receiving a shot from Brett Colak in the head.

In fact, Darwin ended up in the hospital to undergo tests. However, teammate Josh Anderson revealed in a post-match interview that Kipkecker returned to the locker room before the end of the match.

“He’s doing really well this morning,” Ducharme said on Wednesday. Currently, it is not seen as a concussion. We are encouraged, but sometimes it can come after a day, so we want to take our time.”

On the part of Jeff Petrie, who was upset about the injury he sustained during CH’s trip in the American West, we confirmed it was nothing serious.

“Something happened during the game against Los Angeles,” Petri said. I was a little worried after the match, but I got treatment the next day and it was better. Then it got better on Tuesday. nothing important. “

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