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"The Canadian would make a big mistake!"

“The Canadian would make a big mistake!”

In less than two months, we will finally know which player will be the first overall pick for the 2022 draft and we will have the opportunity to don the Montreal Canadiens jersey in front of the Bale Center packed with enthusiastic fans to see the best new prospect for the organization. After a year of misery.

If we are confident of the lists that potential experts have prepared for more than a year already, the unanimous choice is the center of the young star Shane Wright From Frontenacs Kingston. But the closer the conscription, the greater the wing Juraj Slavkovsky and the center Logan Cooley It is gaining ground in the eyes of many.

According to the expert in hopes Craig Zer from TSNThere is, however, no doubt to him that CH’s choice must have been Wright, even if he went so far as to say so Kent Hughes You can’t afford not to choose him.

“Slavkovsky and Cooley are no better players than him. If he didn’t recruit Canadian Shane Wright, it would be a big mistake!”

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When asked that other NHL scouts have been asked who should be the first pick in the next draft and that some mentioned Slavkowski or Cooley before Wright, Button was saying this.

“I don’t care about the polls. Number one, only one team that matters here and that’s the Montreal Canadiens. I don’t care what scouts from other teams say. Shane Wright is the best player in this draft. He’s a copy of Patrice Bergeron. All I’ve heard is that Wright isn’t amazing.” Really. Have you seen Patrice Bergeron play? When was the last time he did something amazing? However, all the players who have played with or against Bergeron are unanimous in saying what an effect he is a player. This is exactly Shane Wright’s game. He is very smart and competitive. He is The kind of player that helps you win when it matters.”

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It has the advantage of being unambiguous as an opinion.

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