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The Canadian tried to climb to second place to pick Noah Ostlund

The Canadian tried to climb to second place to pick Noah Ostlund

The evening of the first round of the last NHL draft that took place in Montreal was absolutely insane. We especially remember the transactions of Kent Hughes, while fans learned within a few seconds of the departure of Alexander Romanov (inhabitant of the island) and the arrival of Kirby Dash.

We remember hearing Kent Hughes speaking to the young quarterback a few minutes after the deal, telling him that the organization had worked very hard to complete the exchange with the Hawks’ captains.

Basically, as we can read recently Matthias Brunet’s textThe Blackhawks wanted a Top 10 pick as opposed to the previous 3rd overall pick. At that time, the Canadian took first and twenty-sixth places in the first round. However, Hughes (obviously) did not want to give the Hawks his first choice in order to acquire Dach and the 26th option was not attractive from a Chicago perspective.

So Hughes sold the Romanovs to New York in exchange for the Thirteenth General Pick. So far, so good. But, at the time, another center player coveted by CH was Swedish hopeful Noah Ostlund, who seemed to be at the top of CH’s best hope list.

On the Montreal side, we had a feeling he’d be out quickly. So Kent Hughes turned around and that’s why the 13th overall pick was sent to Chicago, in order to get Kirby Dutch.

The idea of ​​catching him (Östlund) with 13e The acquired choice of the Islanders does not cross the administration’s mind because we are convinced that it will no longer be available at this rank. Hence this first quick transaction with the Blackhawks on the eve of the draft. Mathias Brunet

However, the Canadian still tried to advance later in order to choose the midfielder. Hughes and his group would never be able to do that.

When Detroit picks Marco Casper in eighth and not Ostlund, we start hoping again at Camp Montreal. But numerous attempts to climb the ranks of ten, twelve, and even fifteen, were unsuccessful. Mathias Brunet

Ultimately, Östlund was drafted by Buffalo Sabers, ranked 16th overall.

A few months later, Hughes must have been rubbing his hands and thinking about that evening. It’s too early to play the comparison game, of course…

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But as of today, Kirby Dach is at the top of the team and is producing at a pace approaching points per game. And what we can say is that it looks like the third overall pick in the 2019 draft, Just like Martin St. Louis said earlier today.

Östlund is also having a good time in Sweden…but not yet in first grade in the NHL. this is the difference.

Let’s wait to see Noah Ostlund’s career before we delve into anything… but for now, the Canadian is the winner (by far).

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