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The British Army has released photos of a joint exercise called Jebel Sahara.

The British Army has released photos of a joint exercise called Jebel Sahara.

The British Army a few days ago returned to “Jebel Sahara”, a joint exercise between its elements and the Royal Armed Forces (FAR) conducted near Marrakech last November. The same source as published Photographs of this exercise“British and Moroccan paratroopers launched a joint attack at the culmination of the Jebel Sahara exercise, which aims to link forces from both countries and jointly prepare for operations in the desert”.

“Troopers of the 2nd Battalion of the Parachute Brigade and Company A of the 22nd Parachute Intervention Battalion plan and execute an attack on a simulated insurgent base in the Ramram training area near Marrakech,” one photo describes.

Soldiers from the British Army’s Global Response Force tested desert combat skills alongside their Moroccan counterparts as part of the three-week Jebel Sahara exercise. The exercise saw Colchester-based Group A Company of the 2nd Parachute Regiment Battalion (A Coy Gp, 2 PARA) work alongside troops from the 2nd Parachute Infantry Regiment in Morocco.

The British Army has given an explanation. November, “For British paratroopers, the exercise (…) was an opportunity to learn from the experience of Moroccan troops operating in the hot, dry and demanding conditions of the desert”. “Instead, they shared with the Moroccans their hard-earned skills in patrolling, foot and vehicle, marking, demolitions and caring for the wounded. The troops honed their sniper and live-fire combat maneuver tactics,” the same source said.

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