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The brace and celebration: Rodrigo poses for Cristiano Ronaldo during Real Madrid’s win over Chelsea

He has been relatively discreet since the start of the second phase of the Champions League. These knockout stages, which were very successful for him last season, with three decisive goals, including a resounding brace in the second leg of the semi-final against Manchester City (3-1 before noon). But Rodrigo ended up breaking out of his box. Real started the job well in the first leg against Madrid (2-0). If he finished perfectly in London (0-2), then the Merengue club owe a lot to their Brazilian striker.

A double author at Stamford Bridge, Rodrygo stated that this competition was particularly successful for him. Laying way, especially on his first goal. Before concluding with a remarkable calm, the 22-year-old Oriverdy international made an extraordinary fumble down the right to undermine the Blues defence. Then celebrate it all, Cristiano Ronaldo style. Even if it wasn’t his first intention. “I wanted to slide on my knees, but I remembered I had sore kneesExplanation of the Movistar microphone. So I changed my mind and then it was Ronaldo, my idol, who came to my mind.”

Champions League

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The Brazilian found the best way to honor Cristiano Ronaldo, the top scorer in the history of the Champions League (140 goals), by scoring for the second time. With ease, in front of a completely empty goal after a great work by Federico Valverde. But a goal is synonymous with a double, which is no small feat in the second leg of the Champions League quarter-finals. “I don’t know how to explain it, I always say that it is a very special competition for medid he say. I’m very happy, and I hope to continue like this, to score more goals, provide assists and win the Champions League again.”

A special contest for me

Carlo Ancelotti appreciates. And it does not fail to emphasize the progression of an increasingly complete player. “We mainly talked about defense, something he has to improveReal Madrid coach insisted. His positioning is now better on the field. But when you have the ball, nobody has anything to teach him, at his level, he’s incredibly effective, even when he’s not scoring himself. It is possible that there is a difference in this match with these two buts, but the verité is that in this club on a chance d’avoir beau coupe of young joueurs qui ont de energy et de la quality et cela nous donne beaucoup d’espoir For the future”.

Rodrygo can already enjoy being decisive in allowing Real to reach the last four. While he waits for the continuation of the still hopeful glorious spring. “It’s a pleasure to be in Madrid, it’s the greatest team in the worldrejoice. We have to play good games. Since my arrival, we have come a long way in this competitionThis is not for nothing. Manchester City, Real Madrid’s potential next rival on the way to the final, can attest to this. Like Chelsea, he is still a victim of this brilliant C1 Brazilian.

Champions League

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