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“The Boy in the Tent” was invited to the coronation of Charles III


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Max, a British teenager, spent three years sleeping in a tent every night to raise money for carers. The young man managed to raise more than 700,000 euros after 1,000 nights.

Among the dignitaries, lords and countesses expected at Westminster Abbey for Charles III’s coronation is Max Vucci, 14, a teenager who raised hundreds of thousands of euros by sleeping outside for his town’s carers. In England he is known as “the boy in the tent” and started during the first lockdown by camping out in his parents’ garden for three years to attract donations. Summer or winter, rain or shine, Max sleeps outside.

700,000 euros were raised

Invited to pitch his tent at 10 Downing Street, the Prime Minister’s home, the boy grew up in front of his camera and subscribers. His pot was full beyond expectations, collecting more than 700,000 euros, enough to pay more than a year’s salary for about fifteen nurses at the institution that welcomed Rick, who was suffering from cancer. “Every time we talk about the possibility of him leaving, he cries and gets angry. So we let it go, it’s a subject he doesn’t want to talk about until we say three years is enough., explains his mother Rachel. He folded his tent before receiving the official invitation to the king’s coronation.