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The boss who fired 900 employees on Zoom is back

The boss who fired 900 employees on Zoom is back

Vishal Garg, the head of that made headlines last December for firing 900 employees via video conference, is back at his job.

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So it appears that Mr. Garg has not resigned from his position after the controversy. Instead, he was just going to take unpaid leave.

The company’s board of directors announced the news of the CEO’s return to staff on Tuesday.

According to those he was sent to, Vishal Garg had used his leave to “think about the leadership idea, reconnect with the company’s values, as well as work with an executive coach.”

Vishal Garg apologized last December after firing nearly 900 employees through the Zoom platform.

The video on December 1, 2021, in which the president announced the bad news to employees, was widely reported by the American media and on social networks, to the chagrin of many Internet users.

“If you participate in this call, you are part of the group of unlucky people who have been laid off,” he said.

Then he apologized, acknowledging the brutality of his method.

Vishal Garg again apologized to the company staff when he returned on Tuesday.

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