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Un salon du livre regroupant une vingtaine d’auteurs en plein air

The book fair gathers about twenty authors in the open air

Amélie Carrier – Special Collaboration

The first edition of Boucheron Literary Exhibition entitled rishna Yesterday, Saturday, August 13th, it was held at the Carpe Diem Space in St. George. This event, organized by young Georgian writer Miriam Bosky, and held between 10 am and 3:30 pm, allowed reading lovers to replenish their libraries, while exchanging and encouraging their favorite authors.

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It’s the next day On August 12, I bought a book in Quebeca national initiative that provides a clear view of writers from Beauce and across the county, that this activity took place, both outdoors and under the sun.

With a mission to highlight local literature and highlight the talents of writers from the region, this new summer event brought together participants of all generations, including a young man just 13 years old.

A group of writers of all stripes

Collected for the purpose of presenting their work to the public and writing personal dedications to them, the 19 invited authors came from municipalities such as La Guadeloupe, Saint-Benot-Labre, Saint-Georges, Saint-Martin and Saint-Prosper, among others.

“Visitors have shown a great deal of interest in our book by asking for a great deal of information about the content of their books and the stories in which they are told,” explains Ms. Bosky.

Teens or adults, self-published or associated with a publishing house, some of whom have only been writing for a few years at the time of their participation, while others are over 20 years old. Of experience in this field in addition to many titles or series on their own.

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Miscellaneous book discoveries

In addition to displaying a range of writers as different from one another, all the booths installed on the site have offered a wide range of literary genres so that everyone can finally find their accounts, regardless of individual tastes and preferences.

Attendees were able to discover science fiction, romantic comedies, fantasy and supernatural novels, children’s books, fantasy and suspense reads, as well as stories dealing with personal development and related real-life events.

Precious moment between mother and daughter

The interview took place a few hours after the show ended rishnaThe organization initially admitted that the presence of her mother, writer Lynn Lachance, greatly contributed to the success of this “successful” day in her eyes.

“I really appreciate being able to experience it in the company of my mother. She makes great memories for both of us and brings us closer. I couldn’t have asked for better,” admits the person who was also supported by her brother Maxime Bosque, a volunteer for the occasion.

Very positive comments

Finally, the main interested party told us that she was “satisfied” with this “very nice first experience” for her, both as the person in charge of the event and as a participant.

“We had a fairly good turnover during the activity and everyone was happy with the sales made on the site. All authors without exception will be releasing a second edition next year, and so am I,” concludes Miriam Bosky.