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The BMW 2 Series could have had a different look

If the internet is the ultimate authority on automotive design, the new BMW 2 Series Coupe is a huge hit. Read the comments on articles about the G42 and you will immediately realize that there is a lot of controversy surrounding the exterior design of the coupe. Ironically, the negative feedback does not target the grille as was the case with the M3 and M4.

But what if it was Series 2 Was it a different design? Well, BMW has shared the first 3D sketch of its smaller coupe that conveys more retro vibes than the finished product. The ring lights on the orange and gray cars are likely an indication of the 02 series, as are the dual center-mounted exhaust tips.

The yellow coupe is closer to the real thing but has different taillights than the final car. Tail lights are one of the main talking points of the 2022 2 Series CoupeBecause some people think that they don’t really fit into the overall design of the car.

Since these are sketches, those made early in the design phase, some of the accents have been amplified for greater visual impact. The wheels are large and the car is incredibly low, while the slender side mirrors and the absence of door handles give the profile elegant and unrealistic.

The lack of a manual gearbox (for now) also doesn’t help why the 2 Series Coupe has, and some die-hard fans BMW I hope the M2 corrects the design issues and brings the clutch pedal back into the cabin. Time will tell if people get used to the car’s design, which generally speaks of good design “not about beauty or ugly,” according to BMW’s Head of Design Domagoj. Duke.

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