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The Blue Room: Let's avoid the massacre of heritage

The Blue Room: Let’s avoid the massacre of heritage

The desire to “renew” the Blue Room of the National Assembly, the Blue Room, has been in the air for years.

You have to be in denial to deny that “blue” is worth a bit of a brush stroke. (In a certain place where I passed a lot, the paint and stucco, floor to ceiling, is poorly patterned.)

Certainly there is a need to work. But there are jobs and jobs.

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However, some of the comments made by the current parliamentarians raise fears of a massacre of true heritage.

First, those of the president himself, François Paradis. Since 2019, he has repeatedly mentioned the manifestation of the Blue Room. Everything will be on the table: a bicycle, a half-moon, an oval, etc.

In his plan to reform the “cents” introduced in 2020, the government’s current parliamentary leader, Simon-Jolin-Barrett, has enthusiastically embraced the idea of ​​the bicycle, citing the name Paradis.

Quebec may be one of the oldest democracies in the world. Although it has evolved in British tradition since the first elected chamber in 1792, it must have been fully inspired by what has been done elsewhere.

Jolin Barrett emphasized that parliamentarians “in several countries, such as France, the United States, Switzerland, Germany and Denmark” sit on semi-bikes. The same is true of “the Parliament of Scotland and the Legislative Assemblies of Manitoba and the Northwest Territories”. Ah, if it had been done elsewhere, especially in Manitoba!

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For the elect to confront each other would encourage confrontation. Mr. Jolin-Barrette also wrote that the renovation of the Blue Room should be “an opportunity that must be seized to continue its modernization with a new design that potentially improves the ergonomics”.

I am sure that there is no serious study to support the idea that parliamentary debates are calmer in semi-annual sessions.

In any case, it is profusely misrepresented in the non-British parliaments of all the above-mentioned countries. Even one of the assembly rooms where we slap each other most often is Taiwan. And imagine what? The seats are arranged in an oval shape.

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Another terrible current temptation? Historic “purge”.

Apparently under the influence of anti-British doping, PQ Pascal Bérubé, on May 5, who revealed that “Assnat” was soon to introduce the “new paradigm” of the Blue Room, suggested this false good idea: We should “remove by one all the symbols of the Anglican Church. We Secular or not.”

In short, heritage enthusiasts will have to keep a close eye on the current and future parliamentarians on this project. The separation of powers means that these elected officials (by definition temporary) are sovereigns and do not have a financial account to provide to any other institution.

Disturbing precedents: under the pretext of “modernization”, the authorities of the National Assembly in 2019 annihilated the Abinakis Fountain, in front of Parliament, spoiling old perspectives by building two black police booths in the shape of the obnoxious Tim Hortons.

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The danger, now, is great: tarnishing the central place of our democracy by imposing plastic surgery that is as distorted as it is useless.

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