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The Bible and Science

The Bible and Science

Published on 23.06.2022

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This is one of the objections that young people often make to legitimizing their rejection of the Christian faith: the Bible and science conflict in their way of presenting the universe. Thus, the successful work of French engineers Olivier Bonassi and Michel-Yves Bollory, published in collaboration with about two dozen scientists, deserves all the attention. freedom He invited us in his version on May 28.

The transition from inertia to life, which occurred 3.5 billion years ago, cannot be the result of chance alone, and the modification of the universe, particularly by the force of gravity, is so good that any slight change could cause the universe to scatter or collapse. . Are these “proofs” as the book’s title suggests? Rather, it is a meeting between science and faith that should not be undone. The act of believing in God the Creator, near, merciful, and redeemer in his Son Jesus Christ requires linking the mind with the will to abide by and trust in this Supreme Lord, the Source of all life.

Father Francois Xavier Amherdt,

Professor of Theology at the University of Friborg

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