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The best sci-fi movies to watch on Netflix from the comfort of your own home

The best sci-fi movies to watch on Netflix from the comfort of your own home

Now with platforms Definition ofSo massive is the amount of content we have available to watch from the comfort of our home, that it’s impossible not to get lost between anyone we choose and spend hours making our decision.

To avoid the tedious task of choosing between Series and movies where documentariesHere we leave you an incredible list of bands Science Fiction Available in Netflix To enjoy this weekend:


written by Alex Garland, the director of great films of this genre, his second feature film is available on the platform Netflix, sequences that present a complex story and you will experience more than one viewer.

indexed primitive As the movie “Overthinking”, “extermination”provoked her, Natalie PortmanIt tells the story of a strange mission carried out by a group of scientists who will encounter many unknown things on their way.


Being one of the biggest sci-fi surprises of the past decade, the story quote Robert A. Heinlinled Spirig brothers, tells a story that takes the topic of time travel to another level to an extreme never seen before in a movie. Featuring Australian actress Sarah Snook and for Ethan Hawke, who gave a first-class performance in the film.

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“12 Monkeys” (12 Monkeys)

Impressive short film adaptation “Sidewalk”, with the same emphasis on time travel. Terry Gilliam, Present Bruce Willis In one of his interpretations is more different from what we are used to seeing from the actor.

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“12 Monkeys” represents a future destroyed by the passage of years, and plunges us into a psychiatric hospital where we see Brad Pitt, he boasts of his brilliant acting talent, and a story in which all efforts seem doomed to fail.

“access” (access)

Consider a screenwriter’s masterpiece Denis Villeneuve To date, it presents one of the most visually appealing universes. With an impressive explanation Amy AdamsShe shows us her most fragile side, but at the same time she is determined to take matters into her own hands.

“Access “, perfectly balancing the human aspect with the components of a purely visual “other world”, telling a story of a connection that grips us and triumphs over it through emotion. Without a doubt one of the best science fiction works.

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