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The best partner of the electric car

The best partner of the electric car

Panic scenes in the UK. Since last week, our neighbors across the channel have been facing fuel shortages. As we have already seen in France the drying of stations was expedited by the urgency of British motorists at the pumps. What causes strong tension in the queue is that some drivers get beaten up.

The UK deficit is rooted in supply chain problems. There are 100,000 unfilled driving vacancies. This is the result of Brexit, with a shortage of manpower. Jean-Alain Andrewon, a UK-based economist in Renscott, explains: “20,000 foreign truck drivers return to their home countries, especially Eastern Europe”. To calm the crisis, the government earlier this week called on military drivers to be ready. The country will also relax its visa policy.

In the meantime, for electric car drivers … everything is fine! Owners of a trendy model obviously don’t care if there is a shortage of juice or refueling at a public terminal that is not directly feared at home. After being teased for choosing the electricity to charge every 300km, many retaliate by doubling the long queues leading to the pumps, watching the thirsty drivers. It has become a matter of humor on social networks, with numerous posts mocking the “thermal team” on Twitter or Instagram, many of whom had the same intention of using the head of celebrity editor Jeremy Clarkson.

More seriously, this fuel shortage is the new selling point for the electric car. Newspaper “Defender“Martin Miller gives the example of EV experts who specialize in selling electric cars: In recent days, he has seen the influx of customers. His agenda for the week has been full of trials and his share has melted away. But fuel shortages have made people think, ‘This is a sign that we need to move to electricity.’

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Fuel shortages in the UK: the electric car's best ally

Already launched, the United Kingdom has recorded the completion of thermal samples by 2035, so the transition to electricity will be accelerated by the epidemic of these dry stations, especially if the situation on the side of the pumps improves and the risk of shortages continues to move with these concerns. The 10,500 visas issued urgently by the British government last weekend are only valid for three months.