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The baggage is very heavy: she wears 15 clothes to avoid extra costs, in vain

The baggage is very heavy: she wears 15 clothes to avoid extra costs, in vain

Two Australians, who were hoping to get away without paying extra for their baggage laden with clothes, had the brilliant idea of ​​putting on six layers of clothing to fool the airline, but to no avail.

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“We thought the only way to get rid of our bags was to put them on us, so we started wearing our jackets and coats,” said Adriana Ocampo, 19, according to the report. New York Post on Wednesday.

What could have been a clever plan for backpackers on a budget quickly turned out for the young man and her friend Emily Altamura, who reportedly carried more than 13 pounds of laundry each—the equivalent of 15 different items of clothing—for their Jetstar flight.

They were dressed, their pockets full of clothes, and they had presented themselves proudly at the counter with their baggage containing only two pairs of shoes, a briefcase, a pair of jeans, and a few stockings, as they described.

But despite their efforts, and in front of a group of impatient travelers, the company reportedly told them they still had to pay the $65 difference for the extra items.

“While we certainly see the fun side, we have limitations to make sure it’s fair for everyone. Monitoring the amount of baggage passengers bring on board means everyone has space for their personal belongings,” said a Jetstar Airways spokesperson.

And so the two young girls were forced to fly their clothes-clad mountains, for the duration of the 80-minute flight between Melbourne and Adelaide, their hometown in Australia. “So I got on the plane. I’m crying with laughter,” Adriana Ocampo allegedly called out in a video according to the New York Post.

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