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The Avalanche T-shirt is a player's favourite

The Avalanche T-shirt is a player’s favourite

Ahead of the start of the 2020-21 season, we’ve seen the NHL release a “reverse retro” uniform set. As the name suggests, this person was meant to wear a uniform Ancient Team and change colors to “revamped”. After a tough year financially, it was a way for the teams to make some money.

Even though it wasn’t a house on the line (I’m still trying to spot the Red Wings which, without being a disaster, don’t let me see what was ‘reversed’), I admit I really enjoyed some of them.

The fact remains that of all the “reverse retro” uniforms that have been unveiled, there is one that has particularly stirred up a buzz: Avalanche. The Colorado team, formerly based in Quebec, decided to honor Nordic by using their jerseys but in avalanche colors.

In fact, it was the favorite jersey of the NHL players in the group.

We’ll remember there was a bit of a grumble when it was revealed, but honestly I find it pretty cool. After all, it represents the concept behind the set very well and I think it’s more of an homage than a takeover.

At least that’s my opinion.

In fact, nearly 30% of the players surveyed (28.57%) shot the shirt North of avalanche as their favourite. It is a significant advance in second place in the ranking, which is the lead of Kings (10.49%).

As for Al-Kindi, he is not among the top seven and therefore received less than 4.46% of the vote. The only Canadian team in the top seven is the Flames, who finished third with 6.47% of the vote.

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So players appreciated the uniform with a Scandinavian flavor very much, and one thing seems pretty clear to me: we’ll get a chance to see it again for a few more years. This group is here to stay.

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