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The avalanche is another proof that you have to lose before you win

The avalanche is another proof that you have to lose before you win

Pittsburgh Penguins, Chicago Blackhawks, Los Angeles Kings, Tampa Bay Lightning: What do all these organizations have in common?

Before finally winning the Stanley Cup, these teams went through miserable periods during which they remained in the vaults of the National Hockey League. The Colorado Avalanche may soon be added to this list and Canadians fans should watch out.

To have long-term success in the NHL, most of the time you have to be very bad at getting talented players with highly recruiting selections.

As Dave Boleyn explains in his analysis, Colorado has many talented players. In fact, they have 12 previous picks in the first round of the National Hockey League. From 2010 to 2017, the former Nordic team missed the playoffs six times in 7 seasons. This allowed them to get their hands on Cal Makar (fourth overall pick), Mikko Rantanen (10th), Nathan McKinnon (1st) and Gabriel Landskog (2nd).

They also drafted Matt Duchene with the third overall pick in 2009. Duchene traded in a few years later and was allowed to acquire Bowen Byram and Samuel Girard.

If Colorado hadn’t been so bad for so long, they wouldn’t be able to get their hands on these talented players, who today form the cornerstone of the team that qualified for the Stanley Cup Final.

When looking at the teams that have had the most success in recent years in the NHL, this trend is clear.

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Pittsburgh penguins (Three Stanley Cups in nine years): They missed the playoffs for four consecutive years in the early 2000s, which allowed them to draft Sidney Crosby (first), Evgeny Malkin (second) and Marc-Andre Fleury (first).

Chicago Blackhawks (Three in six years): Missed the playoffs nine times in ten years and were able to get their hands on Patrick Kane (1st) and Jonathan Toews (third).

Los Angeles Kings (two in three years): From 2002-2003 to 2008-09, they missed the playoffs six times in a row, allowing them to draft Brayden Sheen (fifth but traded with Mike Richards), Drew Dottie (2), Anzi Kopetar (11) and Dustin Brown (13).

Tampa Bay Lightning (Two in a row and maybe a third): They’ve missed the playoffs five times in six seasons. Jonathan Drouin (third and traded to Mikhail Segachev), Victor Hedman (second) and Stephen Stamkos (first) were all acquired due to the club’s failure.

Obviously, it takes more than two or three top picks to win the Stanley Cup (talk to the Sabers or Oilers), but it’s still the best way to acquire the players the organization wants to build.

There are also some counter-examples, such as the Boston Bruins, which have become one of the most consistent organizations in the league without sinking to the bottom, but these are the exceptions.

As a general rule, you have to lose before you win in the NHL.

So Montreal Canadiens supporters will have to be patient. Those who expect a quick rebuild will likely be disappointed. The Hab will need more than this year’s first pick before getting back on track.

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– A magical summer awaits fans of Oilers.

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