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The Attorney General, authorized by the United States, was re-appointed

The Attorney General, authorized by the United States, was re-appointed

Guatemala’s Attorney General Consul Boras was re-appointed by President Alejandro Chiamate on Monday (May 16) for a new four – year term, after which the United States added him to the list of personalities. “Corrupted file”.

“I have decided to appoint the current Attorney General, María Consuelo Porras Argueta, as Attorney General and Chair of the Ministry for the next four years.”, Said Alejandro Giammattei during an official ceremony. The Governor promised that Consuelo Porras would meet all constitutional requirements and receive a unanimous vote from the Appraisal Commission. “This is not a normal decision.”He added. “Media or political accusations (…) have no value in robbing a person of talent, talent and honesty”He added.

In recent months, the Ministry of Public Works, under the orders of Consuelo Porras, has ordered the arrest of at least six lawyers working for anti-mafia organizations in Guatemala, accusing them of misconduct at work. To the defendants, these arrests a “Revenge” Against those who have fought against corruption, he rejects it. In his inaugural address for the period 2022-2026, Consul Boras expressed his commitment to his mission. “Be firm, without bias or ideology”. Returning to her balance, she said “Fight Against Corruption” Was one of his priorities during his previous decree.

Consuelo Porras 2021 put on a list by Washington“Corrupt Actors”. This decision was particularly motivated by the dismissal of the lawyer against Juan Francisco Santoval last year. “Anti-Corruption Champion” By Washington. Now deported to the United States, Juan Francisco Sandoval told the AFP in March that he had been fired following reports that he had evidence. “Potential bribery” It was paid to the president by Russian merchants who wanted to manage a port on the Caribbean coast.

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