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The atmosphere was festive after the Canadian beat the Sens last night

The atmosphere was festive after the Canadian beat the Sens last night

The Canadians scored their fifth win in a row yesterday against the Ottawa Senators.

The Martin St. Louis guys put in a lot of effort and they came out with a bounty. Artturi Lehkonen was also the only scorer in the squad, who finished the match with two goals.

The fifth win in a row is good for the players. After the match, the party appeared to be locked in the locker room as music was played during the team’s new coach’s press conference.

Let you judge for yourself with the following video:

The players are happy and it is good to see that they are having fun now. And when we say that the arrival of Martin St. Louis changed a lot of things, this is what stands out the most.

Playing fun is back, as Josh Anderson explained earlier this week. You don’t want to, results are easier to achieve when this is the case.

Even St-Louis seems to be having fun now. In fact, I was chatting with teammate Charles Alexis Presboa earlier this week, and it looks like the former #26 Lightning player is already beginning to fall in love with CH’s coaching job.

He feels more comfortable behind the seat and in front of the media and shows an infectious smile when he appears at a press conference. This too can have a positive effect on men.

The team shouldn’t really be expected to win their remaining 29 games, let’s be honest. But seeing that the team is having fun these days is a plus. They’ve known after the past few months… he’s due.

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We feel the players are sticking to Martin St Louis’s plan and vision and that they enjoy playing for him. Automatically, this sends a message to management about the future of the team.

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– He had a great night last night in Ottawa.

– Heavy hit of the missile.

– Team CF plays their first game of the campaign today.

The sons of former stars are preparing for the MLB draft.

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