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The Atcamico family files a complaint about racism in Quebec

The Atcamico family files a complaint about racism in Quebec

The aforementioned incident allegedly occurred at the Esso gas station located at 1700 Jules-Vernes Street in the airport area. The establishment includes a convenience store operating under the Proxi banner.

Valerie Ottawa says she stopped there with her daughter and grandchildren, ages 8 and 12, on Thursday afternoon to buy candy. The family was about to return to Wemotaci after visiting Mrs. Ottawa’s mother-in-law.

The latter mentions that the store’s cashier, a woman in her 30s, initially criticized her daughter and one of her grandchildren for using the store’s toilet.

Valerie Ottawa recounts that she and her family were victims of racist abuse at a small Proxi store in Cap-Rouge-Laurentien.

Photo: Radio Canada / Guylaine Bussière

The employee then proceeded to insult them by directly referring to the color of their skin.

We queued in front of the cash register. The cashier was serving another customer. When she finished, she turned to us and then took off her mask to tell me, “Toilets are not for everyone, ma’am. […] Do you see my face? she is white […] I don’t know what to do in my country , says Valerie Ottawa in an interview with Radio Canada.

I was freezing

The lady said to be frozen Through the behavior of the employee that would have appeared Insomnia And aggressive . Then Mrs. Ottawa’s daughter, Abikon, urged the family to give up shopping and leave the store immediately.

when going out [la caissière] You keep insulting usValerie Ottawa reports.

This event was very traumatic for him because it took place in front of his grandchildren and because Canada celebrated the first National Day of Truth and Reconciliation.

He did something to me because I’m their grandmother who has to protect them. I got lost, I hurt for them because I wanted to protect themYou trust the grandmother.

My grandson understood that what we suffer is racism […] He asked her: Madam, are you a racist? Which [lui] Answer: Yes, I am a racist.

Quote from:Valerie Ottawa

On Monday morning, Ms Ottawa and her daughter went to the Quebec City police station to file a complaint about racism.

I think it should be condemned because today, in 2021, it is unacceptable, and I think the situation is dangerous because it also includes children, argue.

cashier fired

Harnois Énergies, the owner of the store and gas station where the altercation occurred, announced on Monday that he had fired a cashier who was targeted by allegations of racism. Vice President, Retail Network and Marketing, Steve Lamontani, says it was I was really shocked Of the insults allegedly uttered by the cashier.

I would even like to say that my voice is still trembling because I can’t believe we can still say such things today […] These are unacceptable and unacceptable comments , denounced in an interview with Radio Canada.

Steve Lamontani during a video interview.

Steve Lamontani describes the alleged remarks against the treasurer, who asserted his dismissal as “unacceptable” and “unacceptable”.

Photo: Radio Canada

On behalf of the employer, Mr. Lamontane apologized to Valerie Ottawa, her family members and anyone else who may have been affected by the incident.

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The Vice President assures us that Harnois Énergies has a zero-tolerance policy for any form of discriminatory behaviour.

We want to be very proactive in these things and keep telling everyone around us that it is very important to respect people as they are. Steve Lamontani insists.

With information from Guylaine Bossier