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The artificial intelligence that plays the music does what is required of it

It is the latest great tool from Google. This AI called MusicML knows how to compose a music title from a description and genre. Unlike ChatGPT, it’s not open to the public yet, which is for good reason…

With the ChatGPT phenomenon in full swing, Google has drawn a “red” symbol, in other words maximum alert. Society worries From the shadow that this AI could cast on him. Fearing to lose the chance of this potential “revolution”, his boss, Sundar PichaiSundar Pichaiso you want to crowd in as many development teams as possible working on it Artificial intelligence. Remember that the Internet giant is not a newbie either. ThingThing. The company code is even there Algorithms GPT-3 AI.

Google labs have long had many specialized AI systems, but Google doesn’t want to make them public for ethical reasons. It’s quite the oppositeOpen AI Which, since it turned into a private trading company, no longer bothered by this limitation. But Google wants to show what it can do in terms of high-performance AI and the company has just unveiled one.

her name MusicML. His artistic competence lies at the level of music. Thus, its algorithms are capable of composing tunes in any type of written description. We can discover several samples of about thirty seconds long that you have created on a dedicated page. associated with patternpattern of music and description.

Artificial intelligence impersonating

While MusicLM is not the first AI system for music, it is capable of creating compositions that are much more complex and richer than its competitors. To achieve this, its algorithms digested and processed 280,000 hours of music. It can build on existing melodies, be it whistle, hum, sing, or play along with an instrument. It will also be good at creating a musical narrative from a series of descriptions.

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On the presentation page, we can also discover that AI can compose music that can be associated with a file artistic work Based on his description. Thus, the works of Dalí, Matisse, Munch, David, Picasso or even Klimt and Van Gogh benefit from a short soundtrack adapted to the work. If the AI ​​is good enough for composing, we see it err a bit with the sound of instruments and voices. Everything would be fine for this AI if there wasn’t a major flaw that would stand in the way of making it available to the public. Thus, Amnesty International adopts the adage “ He who does not imitate does not invent », by directly copying the address elements it has ingested.

According to researchers, the rate of plagiarism is 1%. This seems weak, but it is enough for Google, which decided to limit the use of artificial intelligence out of respect for the copyright issue. Surely, after discovering ChatGPT failures, who knows how to lie conviction When he doesn’t have the data to answer a question, it can be seen that AI systems have the same mistakes as humans and are just as good at Plagiarism.