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The Appalaches-Maine Project: Putting Hydro and Quebec informed by First Nations

The Appalaches-Maine Project: Putting Hydro and Quebec informed by First Nations

A group of five Indigenous communities in Quebec this morning placed a notice from the Quebec government and Hydro-Quebec Corporation to suspend the project to build an interconnection line between the Quebec and Maine grid. In the event of non-compliance, the coalition threatens to file a lawsuit in court, with the intent of halting the hydropower export project to Maine and Massachusetts.

This solemn notice was given this morning by First Nations Counsel in Lac Simon, Kichisack, Abitiwinni (Anishnabeg), Wimutasi (Atalamico) and Bisamet (Enos).

They confirmed, through a press release, their indignation towards Quebec and its state corporation which, in their opinion, “continued (…) to disregard the constitutional and ancestral rights of First Nations”. These countries further deplore not being “consulted, compensated or absorbed” despite the fact that 36% of the electricity that will be exported to the United States, will come from their territories.

Hydro-Québec is currently significantly increasing its installed capacity to power the northeastern United States. The indigenous communities concerned insist that the processes that led to the adoption of the ordinance authorizing the construction of the Appalachian-Maine link line by the Quebec government were “tainted by serious and unconstitutional infractions”.

This alliance asserts that it has started in vain over the past year in many ways with various bodies such as the Public Hearings Office on the Environment, the Energy Council of Canada, and Hydro-Québe senior management. So that they are ancestral and constitutional. Rights ‘recognised, considered and satisfactory and this is prior to the implementation of ‘American projects’.