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The app no ​​longer works on iOS and Android

The app no ​​longer works on iOS and Android

As expected, Google Hangouts disappears. The messaging service is starting to not be available on iOS and Android smartphones. Users are forced to switch to Google Chat.

Since mid-2020 we have known that Google Hangouts is about to expire, To make room for a Google chat. But it took two years to complete one of the (too many?) Many Google email services. Since 2021, we’ve been able to Go to chat from Hangouts moving forward. However, some users are now reporting that Hangouts no longer works iOS And the robot.

Hangouts is dead, Google live chat is long

This is it 9to5Google that reports that the instant messaging app has stopped working on iOS and Android. A not so great loss finally, with media reporting that Hangouts hasn’t received a major update for years and the app is no longer available for certain models on the Play Store and App Store. Furthermore it, Dedicated Google Help Page to change indicates that ” You will no longer be able to download Hangouts version on Android or iOS “.

Now, when you open Hangouts, a message appears saying that “It’s time to switch to chat gmail” And the “Hangouts has been replaced by Google Chat. Your new conversations and features are waiting for you in Gmail chatWe also noticed that the app no ​​longer works.

Source: Frandroid

On our help pages in English we learn that “Some conversations or parts of conversations are not automatically migrated from Hangouts to Chat“. The Google Indicates that an email will be sent to affected users,”More information about September 2022“.9to5GoogleIt also states that the Hangouts browser extension has been disabled, while this month Hangouts will stop working in the Gmail sidebar on the browser.

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However, users will be able to continue chatting Until October at least, before definitely having to switch to chat. It’s not the only email service disabled by Google. In fact, The company has announced the end of support for Google Talkwhich has been a shadow of its own for far too long, being superseded by Hangouts nearly a decade ago.

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